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Sergio Ochoa


At a very young age, Sergio Ochoa knew he could hear melodies while listening to people play instruments. He wasn’t sure what they meant until he was 16 when he put them into words and in the form of a song. The years went on and Sergio began to solidify his sound and develop a very large range for himself vocally. Singing anything from EDM all the way to heavy rock, Sergio now possess the tools necessary to make a dominant name for himself in the music industry. Sergio Ochoa has performed all over the United States and globally and has shared the stage with several dominant class acts such as: Demi Lovato, The Scorpions, Three Doors Down, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more. He has also had serval songs in radio rotations as well as being played in sport commercials and even sporting events. Sergio Ochoa has also performed several festivals with his most notable achievement in China of 2016 where the attendance was over 80,000 live viewers.